Welcome to Sandusky First UMC website!

Though the building is closed for now due to the COVID 19 the church has not cancelled doing ministry. We do the Radio broadcast on Sunday mornings at 11:05 am on 97.7 FM and 660 AM stations. We are continuing to share God’s message to our members, the community, and our county.

Our Children’s Sunday school lessons are placed on Facebook, or through zoom time, and are being placed on the website. Children’s packets are sent out each week in order for us to stay connected with our young families.

We are trying to stay connected with one another through emails or phone calls and we continue to help families who are in need if possible.  We share prayer requests on a regular basis. If you are in need of prayer you may contact the church at 810-648-2606.
  It is our prayer that you join us to worship God, to be encouraged, and to find hope in these days that are difficult. We pray you will not feel like you are in darkness but that you will follow the light – Jesus Christ.  We believe that our Lord God is with us through all our trials/temptations and that He desires for us to turn to him, to seek him, and to accept him as our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus is our Comforter and can bring us peace.

  Know that our congregation enjoys being in fellowship with one another but in this time of Shelter Home we are following our Bishop David Bard’s order to not meet in person. We pray that all stay safe and healthy. When we have the word that we can meet again we will announce that to you.

  We pray that you have a blessed day!  May God bring you joy and hope!

Rev. Sue Platt